Significant changes to the Silver Elk site are listed below. These changes do not include trivial changes (correcting spelling, fixing broken links, minor updates, etc.). Rather, they are substantive changes, such as the inclusion of new pages, major revisions of pages, etc.

03 October 2010 – Addition of webring pages to the blogs, other minor changes to the display. (These have been in a while, but never finalized until today.)

11 January 2010 – Small modifications to the main navigation, remove games page.

30 December 2009 – Completely revamp family subdomain. It is now much simpler, most information is gone, and visitors are redirected to our Facebook pages. Remove Jacob's subdomain since he no longer wants to maintain it. Make some changes to the about pages.

29 December 2009 – Add fiction subdomain.

21 December 2009 – Small changes to Genealogy pages details, slight modification of navigation on main site.

7 December 2009 – Add Brad's Verse topic.

10 November 2009 – Update family picture on Family topic's About page.

26 September 2009 – Finish blog makeover.

20 September 2009 – Removed the Christmas and Halloween topics for now. In spite of my best intentions to do something with them, that doesn't appear to be happening. Rather than move these to proper subdomains as all other "topics," they are being removed until I decide to do something better with them.

19 September 2009 – Stroked my ego a little and added a new picture.

26 June 2009 – Add pages for our new cats, Rootbeer and Gandalf.

25 September 2008 – Remove site folder concept. Add “captcha” checks to the contact pages. Add similar checks to Random Opinion comment submission, and simplify the comment fields. Make some minor text changes.

9 November 2007 – After a little more thought, make Random Opinions a single-author blog. The idea of a multi-user blog was interesting because it could be done, and new family authors can be added easily if things change, but for now I think they would be better served by a mainline blog on which they would have more control.

3 November 2007 – Change the opinions pages to a blog format. Move the Genealogy topic to a proper sub-domain, make “ancestor” page display properly (and show more generations) by replacing the box structure. Improve the isolation of the remaining topics subsites. Add a banner image to the Silverelk pages. Make some minor general changes including font-size changes to make IE display closer to my primary Firefox browser. Fix "send message" pages to add explicit (optional) subject and address inputs.

3 September 2007 – Add 2007 vacation pages, make some minor fixes to other pages. Update genealogy data. The main changes include Mary Anna Hocket and ancestors, A.T. Wilson, D.C. Spear, W.E. Marshall, and to the Johnson and Marks familes, but a large number of others have also been made.

17 Jun 2007 – Add a new picture for Sadie. The Genealogy topic now supports more infomation for each individual, ancestor and descendant tree support was added, a new “tidbits” section was added, and there have been other minor visual changes. This update also includes Brad's first release of his side of the family tree, to complement Pam's.

20 August 2006 – Very modest content additions and deletions. This update was primarily a change to the internal site structure (pages now use server-side scripting). It also implemented design changes ranging from minor to very significant for the main section and the various sub-sites, now known as “sub-site topics,” and an improved display for the Game of Life. Other modifications include a few more images in the Family topic (but the removal of others), and the Genealogy pages have been moved to their own topic. The mailing list links were moved to the Genealogy section, and duplicated information between the Family topic and main site has been cosolidated. The most significant addition is the topic authored by Jacob.

19 May 2005 – Added a small notice to "my supporters" on the Opinions page, reworked the personal pages regarding our pets.

15 March 2004 – Update Couscous' page, finally.

20 October 2002 – Fix most pages for strict HTML 4.01 (which means if your browser doesn't properly support CSS, you may see strange things). A few pages have been left "transitional" for now. Move "spearfamily" directory into subsites directory (where it should have been originally). Add opinion on "God, Coins, Motto, and Pledge." General clean-up.

12 May 2002 – Fixed mailing list page and some minor errors in other pages. Corrected (I hope) maintenance problems.

20 November 2000 – Added picture to Pam's page. Added "Measuring from Here to Eternity" on Reckoning Diversions page.

24 April 2000 – Reworked the "The Elk" page. Added "Reckoning Diversions" section and maillist section. Also updated the family picture and added a new "picture pages" section to the family subsite (Family->Personal->"some more pictures") under the "More Than The Facts" heading. Also, all changes to the family subsite will now be collected here.

18 December 1999 – The new site format is finally uploaded. The family pages were already moved from the old site. Changes to the family site are handled independently of all other changes to Silver Elk, see the home page of the family site. The non-family sections (other/holiday pages, Brad's opinions) have been moved onto the Silver Elk main site, and have been modified (some pages added, some pages removed, styles changed). Changes made to the "Spear Family" section of the Silver Elk site will continue to be noted on this page. Also made overall changes to this site, including the addition of CSS, although the pages are (for the moment) being maintained as HTML 4.0 transitional and retain aspects of HTML 3.2.

17 October 1999 – Moved the entire site to its new, permanent location on (Well, it may move to a new site when the new top-level domains are available, and if I decide to change Silver Elk's domain.) Changed email addresses to the new domain as well.

28 April 1999 – Really minor fixes.

6 March 1999 – Finally got Pam's genealogy pages on-line, moved an opinion into the new "passe" category, minor touch-ups and corrections here and there.

21-23 December 1998 – Added basic Christmas pages, added some opinion pages, made small changes to most of the "important" pages on the site.

1-10 October 1998 – The inaguration (and a little more than a week of tuning) of Pam and Brad Spear's Personal Web Site was met with wild jubilation by the general public. "It's about bloody time!" and other such quotes could be heard throughout cyberspace.